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Law firms and corporations need robust technology solutions with fair, flexible pricing that performs rapidly enough to meet any deadline. That’s ONE Discovery.

ONE Discovery works with corporationsYou need a solution that you can trust, day in and day out, that fits your budget—and we can deliver. Built by a team of experienced eDiscovery professionals, ONE Discovery can give you the tools you need to succeed—getting the job done faster and giving you the results you never thought possible.

A Proven Track Record

ONE Discovery isn’t just another eDiscovery software solution. Our core technology has handled petabytes of data and millions of documents in thousands of cases and we’ve used that experience to evolve and make the solution better.


ONE Discovery’s intuitive interface turns your eDiscovery support staff into power users in hours, not months. From information hierarchy and button placement to icons and colors, we’ve thought of everything law firms and corporations need to make their job easier and more efficient.

Better still, since ONE Discovery was built as a unified entity, there’s no time lost needing to export and import data between disparate solutions. Our software provides a seamless interface between processing and review that reduces non-value-added efforts and increases your accuracy and defensibility.

Fair, Flexible Pricing

Why pay for licenses you don’t need all the time? ONE Discovery’s fair, flexible pricing model and ingrained scalability are designed to give you the exact solution you need, regardless of the size and complexity of a project.

Endlessly scalable, our solution can meet your needs no matter the size. Is your project or review team small? License a few users and don’t waste a penny. Did a large project arise or a collection yielded more data than expected? Scale up instantly without predatory fees. It’s your solution—use as much or as little as you need.

Adaptable Employment

Need your eDiscovery software suite deployed behind firewalls? No problem. Prefer a secure virtual private cloud, or hosting with a trusted service provider? ONE Discovery does that, too. Whatever your need, we can provide it.

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