Discoverable Data Management

Data Insights and Intelligence for the Corporate Legal Team

One Discovery's innovative data intelligence solutions deliver better insights, better discovery and better governance for the entire corporate legal team.



Insights into Action

One Discovery’s unique approach to discoverable data management allows corporations to catalog all coding decisions from previous cases, retain serial data in a load-ready state and dramatically reduce the risks and cost associated with eDiscovery and compliance projects.

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Why One Discovery Insights & Intelligence?

Get a headstart on case strategy

One Discovery’s novel approach to data reuse eliminates this waiting room anxiety and instead provides the lawyers with invaluable insights by making available attorney-work product from previous, similar matters. This gives the legal team not only more time to prepare but critical detail about key custodians, priv-calls, sensitive information and confidential information across the matter.


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Turn your data into an advantage

By leveraging data reuse and optimization strategies they can reduce response times, improve accuracy and consistency during document review and realize dramatic cross-matter ROI saving the organization millions of dollars annually. In addition, data reuse provides deep insights into the nuances of key intellectual IP, areas of serial litigation, important documents and custodians. 


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Stop the overcollection madness

Corporations routinely overspend when managing legal matters on a case-by-case basis. While individual projects and cases can be well run and fiscally sound, there is an expensive, hidden inefficiency costing the business millions of dollars. Namely, the repeat collection, processing and review of the same data and documents. This “starting over” approach benefits consulting teams, service providers and law firms but taxes the corporation with having to pay for the same knowledge again and again while also increasing the risk of producing confidential documents to opposing counsel.


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OD Insights and Intelligence Benefits

Reduce Document Review Spend

Rehydrate static coding decisions in one case back into the master data repository and apply them across all cases with overlapping data.

Improve Accuracy & Consistency

Reuse static coding decisions across all cases with overlapping data. Reduce inconsistent results when managing matters reactively on a case-by-case basis.

Lower Collection & Processing Costs

Collect and process all high frequency data one time, and eliminate costs associated with reactively collecting and processing the same data for each matter.

Cross-matter ROI

Save your organization tens of millions of dollars annually, support archiving and compliance for regulated data, and improve your data and governance posture.


Software for the entire legal team

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Legal Radius

Legal Radius a cloud-based, trail preparation and transcript management solution ready for firm-wide deployment.

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One Discovery offers right-sized eDiscovery software optimized to solve the challenges of every day eDiscovery projects.