One Discovery Brand Guidelines

About us, corporate assets and their proper usage.


Who we are

One Discovery is a leader in data intelligence software providing organizations with the ability to better understand, manage, and control the costs and processes associated with eDiscovery, investigations, and governance.

We do this by delivering layers of data: metadata-driven analytics, logical identification, and interactive visualizations that empower organizations to locate, assess, classify, control, and reuse their data throughout the enterprise.

Our mission We believe that unlocking a world of discovery by finding insights across vast quantities of unstructured data should be easy and available to everyone.

Our vision is a world where organizations understand, leverage, and benefit from the data they create and manage.

Our collaborative, data-driven approach to product development, client acquisition, and customer success produces successful, scalable, and sustainable outcomes for all.


Our History

Founded in early 2016, One Discovery is a leading technology company that offers unrivaled solutions for eDiscovery and data management. The launch of One Discovery as an independent company allows us to provide our solutions to everyone with a desire to solve eDiscovery problems.

One Discovery is the company behind the only unified eDiscovery processing, review, management and trial preparation solutions built from the ground up for eDiscovery professionals, by eDiscovery professionals.

Every piece of One Discovery’s platform – from the fair, flexible pricing model and instant scalability to the tiniest elements of the interface – was built with the user and real-world scenarios in mind. By combining best-in-class technology with unique eDiscovery know-how, One Discovery can deliver extreme system performance, unparalleled accuracy and defensibility, and the industry’s best overall user experience for service providers, law firms, corporate counsel and more.


Software Value Proposition

One Discovery provides unified eDiscovery processing, review, management and trial preparation solutions for corporate legal teams, law firms, and the organizations that serve them.

Every part of the One Discovery platform – from the fair, flexible pricing model to the attorney-friendly user interface – was designed to solve the challenges of “day-to-day” eDiscovery.

By combining best-in-class technology with unique eDiscovery know-how, One Discovery delivers a scalable and robust performance, unparalleled accuracy and defensibility, and the industry’s best overall user experience.


Brand Values

We value and invest in teaming processes that bring together our best ideas across all our key business areas. From our data-driven product development to our partnership approach to client acquisition, we build our business and success on direct and frequent feedback and communication with our clients.

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We value their professional growth and success as well as their personal well-being and experiences.
Our definition of team spans departments and regions to include the whole organization.

We are layered too. We are building a culture of excellence based on honesty, transparency,
accountability, support, and fun. We are honest, humble and fair.

We value clear, concise and timely communication. We do what we say, and say what we do.

User-centric experiences
We respect and reward excellence. We evolve,
improve and grow as professionals and leaders. We care about our tools, processes, and outcomes. We sweat the details.

Laptops against globe blue illustration. Globalization concepts

Design Elements

The circle that makes up the O in One Discovery represents the lens that helps look past distraction and focus on what matters.

The dots that run through our logo represents the discovered data within the lens.

Our Intelligence Layer brings focus, meaning, order, and clarity to data.

ILO is the combination of data and how we interact with it and leverage it.


Our Logo & Use

The One Discovery logo is composed of the Datasphere and Intelligence Layer One and a mixed logotypeset of Urbane and Semplicita.

Always use the logo provided.
Do not re-create.


Logo Usage on Backgrounds

The full-color logos should be used only on white, black, or dark-grey colored backgrounds.

Avoid using full-color logos on photographs unless the logo sits on a black or white area of the image.


Logo One-Color Use

The one-color white logo should be used only on photographs and dark color backgrounds within the One Discovery color palette. The one-color black logo should be used on lighter colors.


Logo Misuse



Logo downloads

Click a logo to download .eps (for printing) and .png (for web/ppt) variations for One Discovery and Legal Radius in .zip format.

Primary Colors
One Discovery

Primary colors for the brand are Orange, Plum, Grey, and an Orange/Plumb gradation, all on Grey backgrounds. Only use white (#ffffff) or black (#00000) text over color backgrounds.


Primary Colors Leagal Radius

Primary colors for this brand are Green, Blue, and Black. Do not use secondary colors for text. Only use white (#ffffff) or black (#00000) text over color backgrounds.


Accessible Color  Combinations

Examples of text and background color combinations that do and do not (x) meet WCAG level AA accessibility standards for contrast ratio. This applies to both web and printed materials.


Typography: Poppins

One Discovery headlines are set in Poppins. When using Poppins to create headings on embedded or printed collateral for One Discovery, always typeset it with optical kerning, set the tracking to 0, and set in sentence case. Do not set in all-caps or all-lowercase. When using Poppins to typeset headings on the web, set the letterspacing to -1px for smaller headlines and -2px for larger headlines.


Type Specimen Ideal Stack:


Brand Image Style

One Discovery images should reflect our brand personality, be professional, modern, urban and bold. They should show data or data being manipulated by a person. When showing people we prefer they be cropped as to not show their eyes.


Thank You!

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