Effortless Trial Prep

Legal Radius makes working with transcripts easy - while accelerating case strategy.

Review, annotate and share work transcripts, associated video clips and designations with the trial team in a single, collaborative platform.


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Annotate transcripts with a single click

Click, highlight transcript text, release. That’s all it takes to fire up Legal Radius’s annotation feature which allows your team to quickly apply color-coded annotations for a wide variety of custom issues.

LR Transcript with Issue Highlighting

Create accelerators for frequently applied annotations

Legal Radius supports custom issue creation, including the ability to “star” key issues which are frequently applied, enabling for an even more rapid process of applying these unique codes to transcript highlights.

LR Transcript with Starred Issues Applied

Exchange issues with opposing counsel quickly and accurately

With Legal Radius’ export feature, exchanges with opposing counsel can be quickly and efficiently managed. Whether exchanging all the issues, a handful or just one - Legal Radius makes the process fast with a clear, intuitive set of checkboxes next to each issue. Exports were never this easy.

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Software for the entire legal team

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One Discovery offers right-sized eDiscovery software optimized to solve the challenges of every day eDiscovery projects.

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Discoverable Data Management

:One Discovery's innovative data reuse solutions deliver better insights, better discovery and better governance for the entire corporate legal team.