Robust Data Processing

One Discovery’s patented data processing engine churns through the largest datasets effortlessly.

Inherently flexible, scalable and easy to use, the One Discovery processing engine is designed to deliver extreme performance to any law firm, corporation or service provider – regardless of security, compliance or workflow requirements.




Fast accurate processing - with no compromises

This is exactly what One Discovery’s processing engine delivers. Our team of eDiscovery experts took a critical eye to every part of processing – document intake, data storage, technical resource allocation, user management and more – with eyes on eliminating bottlenecks, automating manual steps and creating efficiencies. The result? ESI is normalized and converted to searchable information, with full metadata inclusion, faster than you ever thought possible.


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Options, Options, Options

One Discovery’s processing capabilities include de-duplication, file filtering, and metadata extraction as well as full-text indexing. With a nearly unlimited range of options - and highly-configurable settings - legal teams can quickly identify and deliver relevant documents to any stage of an eDiscovery project.



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Workflow Automation

One Discovery lets users link various processing functions together through “Daisy Chain” workflows. Users experience a streamlined, end-to-end processing flow, not multiple discrete tasks. Best of all, workflows can be designed in as little as a few minutes, and executed with confidence due to One Discovery’s robust exception and error handling capabilities.


OD - Workflow Management


Structured Data Import

One Discovery offers robust flexibility to handle the dynamic nature of produced and/or processed data. Data can be imported quickly with automated field mapping. We have also incorporated extensive validations that notify the user of errant data so that any anomalies can be identified and remedied.


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Unified Dashboard

One Discovery delivers a unique, unified approach to processing, review and production of relevant content. Our unified dashboard puts you in the captain’s chair with the ability to monitor everything in a single pane of glass. Navigating between different tools is clumsy; One Discovery puts everything at your fingertips, maximizing your daily output.


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Streamlined UX

The One Discovery processing tool was designed so that any user – from novice to expert - can accomplish all tasks with just a few clicks of the mouse. Select a folder, choose your process, and launch it. It’s that easy.


Case Dashboard



Scalability is a critical piece of the One Discovery difference. With intelligent computer resource management, support for clustering and redundant configuration of critical components, and a proven, proprietary database architecture, One Discovery can meet the needs of any organization or job. Whether you’re dealing with a few dozen records or a few million documents, processing performance will never deteriorate.


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More One Discovery Features

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Attorney Friendly Document Review

One Discovery’s document review was crafted with a relentless focus on streamlined, efficient user experience

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Effortless Management

Spend less time configuring your eDiscovery software and more time generating accurate, defensible work product.


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