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ONE Discovery Partners with Kuro Group to Offer “No Risk” eDiscovery Software

Purchasing eDiscovery software is a substantial investment for law firms and corporations. That’s why ONE Discovery, a leading developer of eDiscovery processing, review and management solutions, is pleased to announce its recent partnership with Kuro Group, a professional services organization that provides legal technology management for law firms and corporations.

Kuro Group and ONE Discovery partnershipTogether, along with infrastructure partner Aquipt, ONE Discovery and Kuro Group are offering customers a more flexible way to leverage eDiscovery software without the initial upfront commitment that purchasing your own software requires.

Kuro Group created OnRamp to help firms make a sound technology investment decision by offering clients a “try-before-you-buy” engagement that gives them access to ONE Discovery’s robust processing and review solutions and Kuro Group’s software expertise, with the option to fully onboard in the future.

Designed to help firms eliminate unknowns like license usage, server costs and additional IT and project management resources, OnRamp is an “eDiscovery Hotel” that helps firms use ONE Discovery and see how it works best for them. When it’s time to buy, firms are able to right-size the contract and price point to suit their exact needs.

“ONE Discovery is forward-looking, and their team is so well versed in the industry, they grasped the concept of OnRamp immediately. OnRamp exists to create an experience where legal teams can consume legal technology as if they went out and bought it, without taking the risk. We help legal teams step into big purchasing decisions while avoiding the initial barriers,“ said Alex Lewis, co-founder and CSO at Kuro Group.

“Partnering with Kuro Group is an excellent way for us to help arm organizations with the tools they need to accomplish their objectives and make smart eDiscovery investment decisions in the future. With OnRamp, organizations are set up with a secure, fully-supported environment for their team to use with minimal commitments. This is a great way to take a measured step, and build into the ONE Discovery platform until they are ready to explore acquiring the licenses directly,” said Elie Francis, founder and CEO at ONE Discovery.

About Kuro Group

At Kuro, we evangelize and facilitate the direct acquisition of legal technology and manage an eDiscovery stack that helps OnRamp our clients. We believe that the most cost-effective way to manage a Project, Portfolio, Large Matter or Mass Tort is to make a direct investment into the people, process and technology. We remove the barriers.

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About ONE Discovery

ONE Discovery created the only unified eDiscovery processing, review, management and trial preparation solutions built from the ground up for eDiscovery professionals, by eDiscovery professionals. Every piece of ONE Discovery’s platform – from the fair, flexible pricing model and instant scalability to the tiniest elements of the interface – was built with the user and real-world scenarios in mind. By combining best-in-class technology with unique eDiscovery know-how, ONE Discovery can deliver extreme system performance, unparalleled accuracy and defensibility, and the industry’s best overall user experience for service providers, law firms, corporate counsel and more.

For more information, visit the company at or follow ONE Discovery on LinkedIn and Twitter.