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ONE Discovery Launches eDiscovery Software Platform

ONE Discovery, a leading developer of processing, review, management and trial preparation solutions, is pleased to announce the formal worldwide launch of its unified eDiscovery platform.

Built from the ground up by eDiscovery professionals for eDiscovery professionals, ONE Discovery adds a unique level of performance and usability to document processing, review, production and system management in the eDiscovery process. With real-time resource management capabilities, infinite scalability, workflow automation, a fair, flexible pricing model, and tools for Technology Assisted Review (TAR), Early Case Assessment (ECA) and more, ONE Discovery represents eDiscovery as the industry needs it to be.

“The ONE Discovery platform is a result of providing technology solutions to leading law firms, corporations, service providers and technical partners for the past decade,” said Elie Francis, founder and CEO at ONE Discovery. “Clients have been utilizing components of the platform for years. Now, for the first time, it is available as a unified solution, with extreme performance, user-friendliness and flexibility at its core. ONE Discovery is a tried and true solution that’s capable of balancing power and simplicity to meet and exceed the needs of eDiscovery professionals.”

ONE Discovery can be deployed on-premise; in a secure, virtual cloud environment; or hosted in a dedicated environment provided by a trusted partner. Individual components can be licensed separately or deployed as a unified solution. And fair, flexible pricing means users pay for their actual use, rather than being locked into inflexible contracts full of hidden costs and predatory burst fees.

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About ONE Discovery

ONE Discovery is the company behind the only eDiscovery processing, review, management and trial preparation solutions built by eDiscovery professionals for eDiscovery professionals.

Every piece of ONE Discovery’s platform – from the fair, flexible pricing model and instant scalability to the tiniest elements of the interface – was built with the user and real-world scenarios in mind. By combining best-in-class technology with unique eDiscovery know-how, ONE Discovery can deliver extreme system performance, unparalleled accuracy and defensibility, and the industry’s best overall user experience.

Headquartered near Washington, D.C., ONE Discovery was spun out of service provider Driven, Inc., as an independent company in 2016. For more information, visit the company at or follow ONE Discovery on LinkedIn and Twitter.