Three Sure Signs of Unfair eDiscovery Pricing

No one wants to pay for things they don’t need, and eDiscovery and litigation support professionals are no exception. Unfortunately, the space is rife with rigid packages and predatory pricing models that gouge you for stepping outside of a predefined box.

Unfair eDiscovery pricing is a shame. Pay for what you need.So how do you cut through all the spin and avoid getting locked into an ill-fitting and expensive software solution? Here are three things to watch out for – and their alternatives.

Hosting Markups

There is no reason your eDiscovery software provider should charge you a mark-up for third-party hosting.

Best-in-class cloud deployment, for example, runs through a virtual private cloud like AWS VPC has tremendous benefits like flexibility and scalability, but many eDiscovery vendors charge a fee on top of the true AWS cost. Look for a partner that offers total transparency when it comes to the price of hosting and charges you at cost, nothing more.

Burst Fees

On a day-to-day basis, your team may handle a fairly consistent amount of data. But that one big case that comes along can quickly gut your eDiscovery budget with exorbitant burst fees for processing and reviewing volume above and beyond your standard load – often the result of a poorly integrated software suite.

Avoid getting fleeced by looking for a nimble eDiscovery solution that allows you to pay what you use as you use it and offers fair, flexible pricing, no matter the size or complexity of your projects.

Named Users

Most software providers charge for every “named user” claiming it essential for maintaining an audit trail. The problem is, while you might have a good portion of users that go in every day, you likely have more than a few that are only in the system once a month – if that. With named users, they all cost the same. The result is either you pay for way more licenses than you need or you start sharing licenses which can create audit and security havoc.

Look for an eDiscovery solution that recognizes not all users are equal and prices based on “active users” – how many seats you have rather than how many individual people. The active user model allows you to retain audit trails and provide access to everyone who needs it without incurring excessive charges for infrequent users.

Sick of inflexible pricing models and predatory fees? You’ll love ONE Discovery’s fair, flexible pricing.

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