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How To Buy

ONE Discovery’s technology is accessible no matter what your organization’s needs, technology infrastructure, IT bandwidth or security concerns look like.

Available in a super simple SaaS model or deployed behind internal firewalls, in a secure, private cloud environment, or hosted in a dedicated environment provided by a trusted partner. Because ONE Discovery believes buying eDiscovery software shouldn’t be hard. Because we believe in eDiscovery for all.

Fair, Flexible Pricing: Our Promise To You

eDiscovery software pricing has been traditionally high, strict and quite frankly, borderline predatory. Short-term bursts in processing and review usage often resulted in huge overage fees, sending total cost of ownership through the roof.


It doesn’t have to be that way. ONE Discovery’s fair, flexible pricing model and ingrained scalability are designed to give you the exact solution you need, regardless of the size and complexity of a project.


Big case? Scale up instantly, without predatory fees or overage costs. It’s your solution – use as much or as little as you need.


EC3 was built for speed and scalability and doesn’t require complex infrastructure or vendors to work.


Need ONE Discovery behind your firewall? No problem. We work seamlessly with your IT team and infrastructure.


Let an approved service provider host the platform in their own data center, allowing you to upload data on a per-matter basis.