Data Intelligence for

the Corporate Legal Team

One Discovery delivers In-House Data Intelligence across your entire eDiscovery workflow.

eDiscovery is a $22 Billion market. According to a Rand study on eDiscovery costs, 75% of those expenses are directly attributed to document review. Eyes on review spend is around $16 billion annually.

One Discovery's innovative approach to data reuse delivers better insights, better discovery and better governance to the entire corporate legal team.

The One Discovery Difference

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A complete standalone eDiscovery solution includes processing, ECA, EDA and document review in a single platform

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Innovative approach to eDiscovery data reuse allows teams to repurpose attorney work product, lowering review costs by tens of millions

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Improved security by keeping data in place, eliminating third party data management costs and complexities

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Flexible deployment options backed by proven infrastructure, superior customer support and best-in-class usability

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Dramatic reduction in response times via One Discovery's intelligent load ready repositories

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Better Insights


Better Discovery

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Better Governance

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