ONE Discovery

The Burst-Fee Alternative

Your firm landed that big case. It’s time to celebrate!

Instead, you’re panicking over how many more user licenses you’ll need—and what it will cost.

Ready to say goodbye to burst fees forever?

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Get Rewarded for Your Success

When you need more processing and review than your current contract allows, you can rely on EC3 to fill the gaps.

There are no individual user licenses, no penalties, nothing to install, no third-party vendors and no need to lock yourself into a complicated long-term contract.

It’s enterprise tech, at a fraction of the cost, ready for any case big or small.




Fair and Flexible Pricing

Don’t pay user fees and penalties, or for extra licenses that will likely go to waste. Just put the matter in EC3.

$1 – $25/GB per month.


Ditch the Burst Fees

Find out what fast, easy, defensible eDiscovery feels like. Get a FREE one-on-one consultation.