Multi-Matter Analysis

Reduce risk and costs with One Discovery’s multi-matter analysis software.

Analyze the trends and patterns found in your legal matters - to quickly identify and eliminate duplicative processes and unnecessary spend found inside your entire legal operations.





Take control of your data - without disrupting existing processes.

At One Discovery we believe that your discoverable data is your greatest asset – which is why our software is designed to help you catalog and reuse all your previously processed ESI – dramatically reducing the risks, costs and complexity of your entire eDiscovery program.

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Key Capabilities

World Class Processing

Feature-rich, mature processing engine capable of ingesting a wide variety of enterprise data sources and data types. The software can also import, enrich and catalog eDiscovery archives and files from the most popular eDiscovery applications. By combining and cataloging these legacy archives legal teams can quickly analyze metrics from their entire portfolio of eDiscovery matters


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Fast and Scalable

A fast, scalable and reliable data warehouse design which can effortlessly store, search, analyze and report on millions of records. This warehouse quickly transitions from “data warehouse” to “knowledge” warehouse in the first year of deployment. Future eDiscovery matters will pull more and smarter data from this warehouse – and less from live email servers and enterprise file shares.


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Reuse Case Inteligence

An intelligence layer which both catalogs and normalizes your ESI – giving you and your time game-changing control and insights into your own data. Legal teams can now reduce the costs and risks that come with the repeat collection, processing and review of the same data and documents.


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Demonstrably lower your organization’s expenses and reduce risk with One Discovery’s Multi-Matter Analysis

Deliver Proven Infrastructure & Stability

One Discovery scales with you - lower costs significantly and improve response times by warehousing high frequency custodial data.

Reduce Document Review Spend

Rehydrate static coding decisions in one case back into the master data repository and apply them across all cases with overlapping data.

Improve Accuracy and Consistency

Reuse static coding decisions across all cases with overlapping data. Reduce inconsistent results when managing matters reactively on a case-by-case basis.

Speed Up Response Times

Materially improve response times by maintaining load ready data repository and limiting productions by excluding privileged documents. What once took weeks and months is completed in hours or days.