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Document Review

ONE Discovery’s document review and production solution was crafted with a relentless focus on streamlined, efficient user experience.

Built by eDiscovery professionals for eDiscovery professionals, our review module encompasses the best in modern features and underlying technology, designed specifically for ease of use and maximum productivity. From flexible workflows and advanced analytics to advanced functionality like technology-assisted review, ONE Discovery review has everything you need, presented in a way that’s actually usable.

ONE Discovery eDiscovery Software – Background
Any Deployment Methodology, Any Size Case, Any Team
Flexible Enough to Meet the Needs of Any Team

Available in a secure virtual private cloud, hosted by a trusted partner or deployed on-premise, ONE Discovery’s review platform is flexible and scalable enough to meet the needs of any law firm, service bureau or corporation. Whether your job is large or small, ONE Discovery gives your team the insights at a pace never seen before.

How It Works


ONE Discovery’s simple yet powerful interface
Ease of Use

ONE Discovery’s simple yet powerful interface lets users work the way they want to work. Perform daily tasks quickly, and leverage the latest technology when it’s needed. Best of all, the learning curve is so shallow that users can get up and running with minimal training and guidance.

ONE Discovery's workflow managment feature
Review Workflow Management

ONE Discovery gives case team management complete flexibility in the review process. Case-specific review criteria can be applied to various levels of review, enabling meaningful reports to be run from the management dashboard. This allows a case team to establish a custom workflow instead of working around clunky, pre-defined workflows that don’t fit their needs.

Early Case Assessment

At the onset of a case, users can easily compile comprehensive data assessment reports to quickly analyze and validate the efforts that lie ahead. Additionally, advanced search strategies can be applied to effectively filter common file attributes, such as domains and dates. Conceptual clusters can be enabled to isolate and prioritize document issues allowing reviewers to quickly target relevant topics.

ONE Discovery's production managment feature
Production Management

Productions can be stored in an isolated area of the review interface, providing a single location for all documents. The ability to store produced documents in the same project allows case teams to cut down on the number of active databases and quickly switch between viewing and searching produced or non-produced documents.

Post-Production Utilities

Custom privilege log templates can be created within the review platform and easily exported. This allows for all review efforts to stay in the review tool instead of needing to export documents into another solution.

With an intuitive, modern user interface and user-friendly controls, ONE Discovery enhances review productivity and streamlines workflows.