eDiscovery Software in the Cloud

ONE Discovery’s cloud deployment option runs seamlessly on top of Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud (AWS VPC).

Cloud Hosting

In this option, existing AWS VPC clients have the option of using pre-configured virtual servers to rapidly deploy directly inside their environment. Direct AWS billing means we don’t mark up your infrastructure costs with our “management” fees and guarantees you’re getting the best possible price on all your physical resources. Better yet, our zero commitment cloud licensing model also allows you to “try before you buy” with some cloud deployments lasting as little as one month.

All of these features are built right into the ONE Discovery platform, so you can take full control of your environment without ever leaving the ONE Discovery dashboard. Administrators can add or remove workers, servers and storage to meet the needs of their current eDiscovery project workload. Our cloud-based licensing model only bills you for active resources allowing you to truly minimize costs without wasting money on idle, standby resources.

With this level of integration managing your eDiscovery resources in the cloud has never been easier. No special calls to IT, no need to navigate the AWS console, just powerful, efficient, full-featured eDiscovery, available on demand.

Why deploy in the cloud?

  • Rapid deployment
  • Instant scalability
  • Direct AWS billing; no markup on storage or usage costs