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Trial Preparation & Transcript Management

LegalRadius, a ONE Discovery software, provides a trial preparation and transcript management solution that allows legal teams to easily share and review their video depositions, prepare designations for trial, and streamline the designation exchange process with opposing counsel.

Review teams enjoy fast, reliable streaming of synchronized video depositions over the web – available anywhere, anytime. This eliminates the burden of sharing and transferring video files to co-counsel and experts for review; it’s all available in a secure virtual private cloud, improving collaboration and boosting overall productivity.

Streamline Your Deposition Review Workflows

With LegalRadius, video is perfectly synced in real time with searchable text transcripts. Simply highlight the piece of the transcript to be viewed, and the video automatically snaps to the correct timestamp. There’s no need to waste time re-watching every minute of every deposition to find the elements you need – just search, click and view.

Advanced Transcript Tools

LegalRadius makes it easy and efficient to review, annotate and share work transcripts (along with associated video clips and timestamps) with the trial team.

Streamlined Document Management

Conduct powerful and accurate searches and organize and annotate documents within an intuitive interface. Don’t waste time searching for the information you need; with LegalRadius, it’s at your fingertips.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Authorized users can access work product, transcripts, deposition videos and case documents anytime, anywhere. Don’t worry about security; everything is encrypted and stored in a secure virtual private cloud environment.

Fair, Flexible Pricing

Like all ONE Discovery products, LegalRadius’s solution features a user-friendly pricing model. Pay for what you use as you go, rather than swallowing a hefty annual fee and predatory burst charges.

Want easier trial preparation and transcript management? LegalRadius delivers. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.