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Service Providers

ONE Discovery is a proven, profitable solution for eDiscovery service providers and managed review firms.


How can we feel confident saying that? Driven, Inc., a nationally recognized service provider, has used the platform for the better part of a decade, processing and reviewing millions of documents in thousands of cases. That experience has helped us fine-tune our products to meet the exact needs of service providers. From fair, flexible pricing to accurate, defensible work product, ONE Discovery is a tool that will thrill your clients and deliver consistent, sustainable ROI.

Why ONE Discovery?

ONE Discovery was built by eDiscovery professionals for eDiscovery professionals. We know what you need, what you like and what you want … and we deliver it in spades. If clients are on tight deadlines, we can help you meet them. If they want to be wowed with modern features and functionality, we can check every box. Additionally, if you simply want your employees to produce more and grow your bandwidth, we provide the efficiency and usability that will get you there.

Of course, the bottom line quite literally underpins everything for eDiscovery service providers – and that’s where ONE Discovery really shines. Our pricing model is fair and flexible, with room for sudden increases or decrease in usage and storage. There’s plenty of margin for, well, margin.

Unified or Modular Deployment

ONE Discovery was built as a truly unified processing, review and management solution, but individual elements can be deployed discretely to align with your business needs. Use our processing engine with another review product. Export information from another processing engine into our review platform. We’re committed to working with you exactly how you need us to work with you.

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