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ONE Discovery Partners With ayfie, Inc. for Optimized TAR Capabilities

ONE Discovery, a leading developer of processing, review, management and trial preparation eDiscovery solutions, partners with ayfie, Inc., a company with advanced text analytics technologies used to search and manage electronic information.

Integrating directly within the ONE Discovery platform, ayfie’s next-generation technology will provide ONE Discovery customers with optimal functionalities for the system’s forthcoming Technology Aided Review (TAR) component, as well as enhance its current Early Case Assessment (ECA) module. ayfie uses linguistics and machine learning to accurately search and manage electronically stored information from small and large data sets. This technology matches values and assigns documents a relevance ranking, enabling the creation of clusters of conceptually related information.

“One of the biggest challenges for eDiscovery professionals is finding the right information at the right time,” said Elie Francis, founder and CEO at ONE Discovery. “When we learned about ayfie’s eDiscovery capabilities, we knew this would be another distinguishing factor to set us apart. Using ayfie’s highly advanced text analytics technology, our platform will use local grammar to understand, organize and target relevant topics with ease, making our clients even more efficient and enabling them to act more quickly when digging for important information.”

“Our unique platform adds structure to unstructured content seen in the eDiscovery review process,” said Robert Wescott, CRO at ayfie, Inc. “Most solutions that are currently on the market use a ‘bag of words approach’ – meaning random machine learning is trusted to produce the right outcome. Our technology is built with robust and customizable dictionaries and grammars to provide incredible accuracy for analyzing any size of data. By integrating our technology with ONE Discovery, we’ll provide customers with an advanced system capable of managing their data from collection to search.”

ONE Discovery can be deployed on-premise; in a secure, virtual cloud environment; or hosted in a dedicated environment provided by a trusted partner. Individual components can be licensed separately or deployed as a unified solution. And fair, flexible pricing means users pay for their actual use, rather than being locked into inflexible contracts full of hidden costs and predatory burst fees.

About ayfie, Inc.

ayfie ( provides products for eDiscovery, media, compliance and search across industries and geographies. The language processing technologies developed by ayfie are based on more than 30 years of research in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science at a number of universities in particular the University of Munich and the University of Paris. Using these technologies, ayfie has created a unique text analytics platform, ranging from forensics over research to automated prediction based on unstructured text data. ayfie GmbH is a subsidiary of ayfie, Inc., located in Munich focusing on research and development as well as service and support for the European market.

About ONE Discovery

ONE Discovery is the company behind the only eDiscovery processing, review, management and trial preparation solutions built by eDiscovery professionals for eDiscovery professionals.

Every piece of ONE Discovery’s platform – from the fair, flexible pricing model and instant scalability to the tiniest elements of the interface – was built with the user and real-world scenarios in mind. By combining best-in-class technology with unique eDiscovery know-how, ONE Discovery can deliver extreme system performance, unparalleled accuracy and defensibility, and the industry’s best overall user experience.

Headquartered near Washington, D.C., ONE Discovery was spun out of service provider Driven, Inc., as an independent company in 2016. For more information, visit the company at or follow ONE Discovery on LinkedIn and Twitter.