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Legaltech News Features ONE Discovery Partnership to Provide Cost-Efficient eDiscovery Software

Legaltech News, powered by, featured ONE Discovery’s partnership with Kuro Group to provide clients with a cost-efficient solution to host eDiscovery software.

Kuro Group and ONE Discovery partnershipThrough a Kuro Group program called OnRamp, this new partnership enables companies to access to eDiscovery service through rented IT infrastructure, differing from SaaS offerings which are based on paying per GB usage. While both solutions offer IT infrastructure outsourcing, OnRamp allows users to gain more control over their environment by renting software and servers and using it as much as desired without being charged per GB.

Legaltech News explains that a service such as OnRamp, “could potentially be a better option to those whose eDiscovery cases are unpredictable and can vary greatly by size and resources needed.”

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