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ONE Discovery is

the One Solution

Cut Your Organization’s eDiscovery Spend at the Source.

ONE Discovery Maximizes In House Departments and Teams Performance.

Premier Scalable Storage & High Frequency Data Solutions for Processing, Management, Document Review, and Trial Preparation.

eDiscovery is a $22 Billion market. According to a Rand study on eDiscovery costs, 75% of those expenses are directly attributed to document review. Eyes on review spend is around $16 billion annually.

With the ONE Discovery Master Repository, pool your organization’s entire EDS corpus into a single index of your most frequently-litigated custodians.

Demonstrably lower your organization’s expenses with ONE Discovery for In House Teams:

Deliver Proven Infrastructure & Scalability: ONE Discovery scales with you - lowers costs significantly and improves response times by warehousing high frequency custodial data.

Reduce Document Review Spend: Rehydrate static coding decisions in one case back into the master data repository and apply them across all cases with overlapping data.

Improve Accuracy & Consistency: Reuse static coding decisions across all cases with overlapping data. Reduce inconsistent results when managing matters reactively on a case-by-case basis.

Increase Response Times: Materially improve response times by maintaining load ready data repository and limiting productions by excluding privileged documents. What once took weeks and months is completed in hours or days.

Lower Collection & Processing Costs: Collect and process all high frequency data one time, and eliminate costs associated with reactively collecting and processing the same data for each matter.

Upgrade Security: Corporations retain more control over documents, process, and security using ONE Discovery on-prem and in place solutions.

Identify high risk individuals and events: Understand security risks and breach response preparedness. 

ONE Discovery ROI: Save your organization tens of millions of dollars annually, support archiving and compliance for regulated data, and improve your data and egovernance posture.

Leverage ONE Discovery’s extensive capabilities that allow multiple users for an "all hands on deck" approach to in-house cases. Deliver your organization from costly eDiscovery and data spend with agile, iterative solutions that help in-house teams run more efficiently and effectively.

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